Serrano Australia relies on its superior staff to maintain its position as one of the largest trading companies in all of Australia as well as a leading player in global ecommerce. Our brilliant team is dedicated to ensuring that each of our customers is treated as a special and unique partner and that providing them with the best service possible is not just lip service.

Just as Serrano Australia treats each of its customers as special, we treat our employees the same way – a formula that is beneficial to one and all! We pursue the best and the brightest in staffing our team and look for those who have potential to be both dedicated and enthusiastic about our products and our customers.

If you like what you hear and feel we might be describing you, please contact us. An exciting career that is both challenging and rewarding awaits you at Serrano Australia. And if you want a dynamic career with great advancement potential, Serrano Australia may be just what you’re looking for. There are always new opportunities, transfers and promotions for those who demonstrate that they can meet the high bar set at Serrano Australia.