Business Services

Serrano Australia is a rising star in Australia! One of the nation's fastest growing companies, Serrano Australia has gained an important role as an influential supplier. Competitive pricing coupled with the ability to deliver high quality and reliable service on a consistent basis, has earned Serrano Australia a leadership position in the worldwide ecommerce market. Serrano Australia enjoys a dominant role across the full spectrum of the global supply chain including Trading, Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution.


Serrano Australia's success is driven by its goal to meet the needs and requirements of its customers in a reliable and expeditious manner. Throughout its years of success, Serrano Australia has focused on sourcing products from manufacturers all over the world thus providing our customers with the optimum in variety and selection. Cost-effectiveness in a wide range of products is one of our main endeavors. But we never sacrifice product quality – Serrano Australia always keeps the high standards of our customers at the forefront and strives to meet or exceed them.


A full range of services and the ultimate in logistics solutions are what Serrano Australia customers have come to expect. From warehousing and transport to freight forwarding and hubbing, you need to look no further than Serrano Australia for the complete package. Serrano Australia has a unique relationship with each of our customers. We determine what end-to-end solutions each company needs and work toward providing the optimum service from the moment a product is shipped from the factory to the time it reaches our customer destination.


Serrano Australia's warehouse capacity measures over 3000 square meters. Our multiple warehousing facilities are customized to meet the needs of all our customers no matter the size and volume of the specific products to be stored. Serrano Australia's cutting-edge warehouse system provides effective storage as well as inventory management. You can count on Serrano Australia to oversee order accuracy, ensure speedy delivery and maintain an accurate and timely inventory control.


Serrano Australia's high quality products are on display on both leading online platforms and at individual customers throughout Australia. We have close working relationships with internal and external customers so that we can anticipate needs and develop solutions to ensure consistent trouble-free and on-time deliveries. Serrano Australia's strong partnerships with the nation's top carriers enable us to provide our customers with prompt and economically sound deliveries so that they can maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced ecommerce market.