Serrano Australia, a privately-owned international trading company, is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and is one of that nation’s leading distributors. It is arguably the fastest growing company in its field and has made a mark on the global as well as on the domestic front.

Serving a full spectrum of partners – from leading retailers to start-up entrepreneurs – Serrano Australia takes pride in its commitment to provide the optimum in operational standards and to conduct its enterprises with the utmost integrity and the highest of ethical principles. Many businesses and customers can attest to the vast selection of quality products and integrated logistic services that Serrano Australia offers as standard fare.

Serrano Australia actively pursues international trading partnerships with suppliers in every corner of the world. As a result, Serrano Australia has gained expertise in negotiating complex business transactions and has fostered contacts with important global manufacturers as well as nurtured integral relationships with local resellers. Customer needs and requirements are the drivers behind Serrano Australia’s goal to deliver the most advanced and all-encompassing supply-chain solutions imaginable.